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Matt Simons - Easy (Official Lyric Video)
Matt Simons

Matt Simons - Easy (Official Lyric Video)

The official lyric video for ‘Easy' by Matt Simons. Stream or buy the song via your favorite platform here: Subscribe to Matt's channel: Follow Matt Simons: Instagram: Tik Tok: Facebook: Twitter: Spotify: Apple Music: Music and lyrics by Matt Simons/John Samuel Gerhart/Chris Ayer. Published by Maspeth Music B.V. (ASCAP) administered by Sony ATV Music Publishing/Sony ATV Songs. Produced by John Samuel Gerhart. Recorded and engineered by John Samuel Gerhart at the Rose Room, LA, USA. Mixed by Justin Hergett at Two Lane Studios, Pasadena, USA. Mastered by John Greenham at Clearlight Mastering, LA, USA. Lead, Background vocals by Matt Simons. Programming, Bass, Synth, Drums, Percussion, Guitars and backing vocals by John Samuel Gerhart. Backing vocals by Chris Ayer. Maspeth Music B.V. under exclusive license to Sony Music. Official lyric video animated by Thomas Jarrett. Lyrics Verse 1: Can I shake my past So much harder than it has to be Now, when I look back Such a typical disaster-piece The future’s looking bright Now I got you dancing next to me Cause we move so right Got ‘em looking at a masterpiece Pre: I used to think the pain was love But now I’m seeing that was dumb Chorus: it’s easy like the summer Keeping it a hundred Let me tell you something Anywhere I’ll follow your Lead me to the summit Ooo you know I love it Easy when we do what we do So do what you do Verse 2: All the ones gone by I don’t know who I was trying to be (I was trying to be) When I said that it was fire Must have meant it masochistically (cause it burns) I’m feeling more alive now I got you standing next to me Cause you shine so bright, got ‘em looking at a fantasy Pre 2: I used to think the pain was love But that’s just so ridiculous Chorus Bridge: Come on, just come a little closer baby Chorus Post: So do what you do So do what you do So do what you do #officialmusicvideo #mattsimons
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